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Our Philosophy

Renaissance Ranch is a Utah substance abuse and alcohol rehab center. We have combined the traditional 12 Step approach with the healing power of gospel principles as they relate to addiction. In our experience, this combination has proven most effective in treating alcohol and drug addiction.

Our Mission

Gender Specific Recovery Programs

Addiction Recovery for Men

We offer a gender specific environment for our patients. The addiction program we have for men is unique and designed to provide specialized treatment that will help them deal with their substance abuse problems. Our clinically driven and spiritually-based, 12-step approach has helped several men find their way in life.

Addiction Recovery for Women

We offer a separate drug and alcohol treatment program for women called Therapia for Women. We'll provide the most comfortable setting for our female patients to deal directly with their substance abuse issues. This 12-step program will give them the strength and tools they need to get their lives back on track.

Here at Renaissance Ranch, we offer our clients a truly comprehensive approach to healing that sets them up for a lifetime of successful recovery. Here are just a few of the things that set us apart.

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Lifetime Contract

Our lifetime contract goes beyond what you’ll find in any other treatment center, and any client who completes our residential and aftercare program is eligible for this benefit. If after completing our program you relapse or struggle with a substance abuse issue in the future, we will assess you at no charge.

No-Cost Interventions

Our trained facilitator has done numerous interventions and can provide this service at no additional cost.
No-Cost Assessments

We provide assessments at no cost. An accurate assessment is vital to the long term success of our clients.

Free Travel Voucher

Upon intake, we will reimburse you for your flight to the Ranch. We believe you should focus on recovery, not airfare.

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    The first step is to contact us. Call us right now at (385) 275-4892 for a pre-assessment review. You can share with us what your situation is and then we can work with you or your loved one to schedule an assessment.

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